Genuine world-class performance at a price that puts a smile on your face

Natalija Phono IIINatalija Phono III has been object of several crucial improvements over its celebrated-by-customers, trade and press alike predecessor, including:

- extensively reworked circuit design

- completely new circuit board layout with larger grounding area und optimized grounding paths for exemplary „black“ sonic background

- newly developed, audio-optimized Rike Audio electrolytic capacitors offer higher efficiency and super-fast signal handling

- novel internal cabling using innovative material mix(silk, cotton, paper) for utmost signal purity

- completely new, extremely strong, internally braced non-magnetic casing using 2.5mm solid-aluminium front and back panels to ensure minimal parasitical resonances

- even higher quality, custom-made-for-Rike Audio Lundahl step-up transformers (MC version)

- super high-quality, custom-made-for-Rike Audio DIP switch ensures highest signal integrity and offers no less than 128 setting options, so virtually any phono cartridge can be used at its very best; additional solder socket for individual choice of resistor make and value (MC version)

- thorough purification and sealing of sound-relevant components such as tube pins, tube sockets and RCA plugs using Audiotop Connect Workstation to avoid corrosion and contact resistance and preserve perfect signal integrity

As before, Natalija III design is based around two 6HM5 (EC900) tubes per stereo channel. This very common and thus inexpensive HF triode is ideally suited for use in sophisticated audio circuits. However, it’s extremely rarely found in hifi components because its implementation is fairly complex and requires an unusually high degree of know-how and experience. Moreover, we even managed to transform the already very rugged 6HM5 into a veritable long-life tube, giving thousands of hours of trouble-free listening pleasure.

Natalija III is available in two versions, MM only or MM/MC, including extensive setting options to drive virtually any moving magnet and moving coil cartridge at its very best.

- Category: Phono Preamplifier
- Inputs: 1 x MM or 1 x MM + 1 x MC (RCA/Cinch)
- Output: 1 x (RCA/Cinch)
- Input impedance: 47kOhm (MM)
- Gain: 41dB (MM)
- superb custom-made for Rike Audio Lundahl step-up transfomers
- switchable MC gain (+20dB or +26dB) and MC load settings (20, 50, 100, 200, 500 Ohm) for outstanding flexibility
- individually matched quad of 6HM5 tubes for negligible noise, minimal microphony and perfect channel symmetry
- hand-selected resistors and capacitors for extremely precise, 2-stage passive RIAA equalisation (+/- 0,3dB)
- outstanding parts quality including our own Rike Audio capacitors and extremely low tolerance measuring resistors
- oversized, 4-stage low-noise power supply
- secure-contact ceramic tube sockets
- gold plated input and output terminals
- outstanding artisanal finish Made in Germany
- Dimensions: 29,5 x 31 x 25,5 cm (W x H x D)
- Warranty: 2 years (tube excluded)