Rike Audio ultra high end

Aluminiumfoil-Mylar-Rike Special Oil-Capacitors

Capacitances from 0.01μF to 4.7μF

Rike Audio MYCAP

Rike Audio Capacitors - ultra high end & eco-friendly

Our capacitors are manufactured in a complex process that can take up to 3 months. Standard MKP (metallized film) capacitors, on the other hand, are mass-produced, including labeling, in just a few minutes. Conventional paper capacitors are impregnated with oils that can emit pollutants. We triple impregnate each capacitor with different environmentally friendly oils that we have developed and also produce ourselves. Our oils do not pollute nature or man.

We take the time

Each impregnation process for Rike Audio capacitors takes about 10 days and thus about 30 days for all three passes. Ensuring the quality of our capacitors through up-to-date procedures and a time-intensive manufacturing process requires a production time of 3 months.

Size isn't everything

Our capacitors are often smaller in size than those of our competitors. Sometimes one gets to hear that a larger capacitor is surely better. Exactly the opposite is the case: The smaller a paper-oil capacitor with metal foil is, the better it sounds.

We use only extremely thin copper and aluminum foils, which call double to triple the price of the usual foils in capacitor construction. Consequently, our capacitors work significantly faster.

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