The Design

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Rike Audio Design

In addition to the excellent quality of our high-end tube amplifiers, we attach great importance to timeless, elegant design. We were very lucky to be able to win the great product designer Julian Hönig for our design concept.
Hönig gained reputation for his design of Will Smith's vehicle in the movie » I, Robot « as well as his engagement for Audi and the design of iMacs and iPhones.

The Production

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Rike Audio - The Production

Most of the components required in the manufacturing process come from our own production in the company workshop. For some components, however, in-house production is not possible. Certain materials have to be bought in, and only reliable suppliers are selected.

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Tube integrated amplifier including remote control

Romy 20SE

A single-ended integrated amplifier that shows its class even at critical loudspeaker loads

In the Romy 20SE, we have chosen a type of tube that is almost never found in other high-end amplifiers. The transmitting pentode introduced by Siemens in the 1960s under the designation RS1003 and later further developed by RFT as SRS551 is virtually predestined for audiophile purposes - provided one creates optimal working conditions for it in terms of circuitry. Which, to put it mildly, is no easy task. In the Romy 20SE, a pair of selected SRS551s mobilises a powerful 20 Class A2 watts in triode mode, which do not even drop to their knees at critical speaker loads and, thanks to an unusually high damping factor, always keep the woofer cones firmly under control.

Category: High level single-ended tube amplifier
Inputs: 4 x (RCA/Cinch)
Outputs: 2 x loudspeaker (taps for 4 and 8 Ohms)
Output power: 2 x 20 Watts (Class-A2)
Tube configuration: 2 x SRS551, 2 x ECF80 (selected and matched in pairs)

stable even at critical loudspeaker loads
high damping factor
conservative circuit topology for extreme tube longevity (typically > 25,000 hours)
elaborately braced full-metal sandwich enclosure with bronze sub-chassis for the audio section
each unit individually fine-tuned to a minimum of parasitic resonances
unparalleled component quality incl. in-house Rike Audio oil-paper capacitors and extremely close-tolerance measuring resistors
oversized power supply with mains transformer and two output transformers in low-stray-field toroidal core technology
high-quality ceramic tube base
hard gold-plated input terminals
contact-safe pole terminals for banana plugs, cable lugs or stripped stranded wires
Finest craftsmanship made in Germany

Warranty: 24 months

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