The Design

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Rike Audio Design

In addition to the excellent quality of our high-end tube amplifiers, we attach great importance to timeless, elegant design. We were very lucky to be able to win the great product designer Julian Hönig for our design concept.
Hönig gained reputation for his design of Will Smith's vehicle in the movie » I, Robot « as well as his engagement for Audi and the design of iMacs and iPhones.

The Production

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Rike Audio - The Production

Most of the components required in the manufacturing process come from our own production in the company workshop. For some components, however, in-house production is not possible. Certain materials have to be bought in, and only reliable suppliers are selected.

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Rike Audio presentations in the fall of 2023

We present the new loudspeakers ANNA LS1 and BEBA LS1 as well as the new phonos SOFIJA and KATHARINA.
Furthermore we show a complete Rike Audio system with cables, turntable etc.
October 27 and 28, 2023
Audio Creativ - Das Hifi-Studio im Altmühltal
Marktplatz 9, 93339 Riedenburg
Audio Creativ
November 18, 2023
Audio Forum HiFi-Studios GmbH
Kurfürstendamm 150
Eingang Nestorstraße 56, 10709 Berlin
Audio Forum Berlin
December 2, 2023
Heimstatt der Musik
Jürgen Gruner
Hauptstr. 218, 50226 Frechen
Tel: +49 (0)2234 809 8618
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