The Design

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Rike Audio Design

In addition to the excellent quality of our high-end tube amplifiers, we attach great importance to timeless, elegant design. We were very lucky to be able to win the great product designer Julian Hönig for our design concept.
Hönig gained reputation for his design of Will Smith's vehicle in the movie » I, Robot « as well as his engagement for Audi and the design of iMacs and iPhones.

The Production

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Rike Audio - The Production

Most of the components required in the manufacturing process come from our own production in the company workshop. For some components, however, in-house production is not possible. Certain materials have to be bought in, and only reliable suppliers are selected.

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Phono tube preamplifier

Katharina Phono MM/MC I
Katharina Phono MM/MC I rear

Katharina Phono MM/MC I - The flagship phono amplifier from Rike Audio

This exceptional phono stage inspires with a sensational, dynamic attack, wide bandwidth and bass of the absolute top class.

Outwardly a timelessly simple design, the true construction effort becomes apparent when the chassis is opened:
thick struts at the top and bottom, as well as the parasitic resonance rejection concept based on aluminium plates of different thicknesses.
Even the smallest details have been thought through in this phono unit.
This also applies to the many foot options, with which one can not only optimally adapt the unit to the installation location and the chain, but also, to a certain extent, realise one's own listening taste.

Category: MM + MC phono tube preamplifier
Inputs: 1 x MM (can also be operated with external transformer!), 1 x MC (RCA/Cinch)
Output: 1 x (RCA/Cinch)
Input impedance: 47 kOhm (MM), 1 - 500 Ohm (MC)
Gain factor: 41 dB (MM), 61 dB or 67 dB (MC)
Bandwidth: 15 Hz - 80 kHz
No negative feedback
Hand-wound in-house transformers and capacitors
Over 200 setting options for the parallel resistor via DIP switch
Great flexibility thanks to switchable MC gain (+20 dB or +26 dB)
oversized four-stage power supply unit
hard gold-plated input and output terminals
contact-safe ceramic tube base
Tube configuration: 4 x 6HM5 (EC900), matched, warranty extended to 30 months if registered within 30 days of purchase.

Finest craftsmanship made in Germany

Warranty: 24 months

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