Rike Audio Turntable model JOY TT1

The new JOY TT1 turntable is in production.



Natalija Phono III – Genuine world-class performance

Natalija Phono 3Natalija3 rear

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Romy 20SE - Integrated Single Ended Triode Line Amplifier

Romy 20SERomy 20SE rear

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New tube integrated amplifiers and phono preamplifiers in the production phase

Phono pre productionPhono pre production

New phono preamplifiers:
• Natalija Phono III
• Natalija Phono III signature
• Sabine Phono II
New integrated amplifiers:
• Lilli 12SE - tube amplifier with GU50 tubes 12 watts
• Kaja 20PP - tube amplifier 20 watts

info_outline Customers with a German residence

Covid-19 / Coronavirus · Affects visits to our exclusive dealers' shops:

Dear visitors, if you are interested in our high-end audio products (amplifiers & accessories), please call our customer hotline. We would be happy to advise you in detail. If you are interested in buying, we will refer your request to one of our exclusive dealers. The desired product will be sent to you. A shop visit is not required. Our audio capacitors are available in our online shop.
Customer hotline:
mobile: +49 176 13008812 | landline: +49 911 13017372

HIGH END 2020 Munich cancelled due to Coronavirus

The HIGH END 2020 trade show, planned for May 14 to 17, has been cancelled due to the current worsening trend with respect to the spread of the novel coronavirus. This decision was reached by the HIGH END SOCIETY Service GmbH upon consideration of all criteria in close cooperation with the Board of the HIGH END SOCIETY e.V.

New Copper Capacitors

The development of new copper capacitors (Q-Cap) is completed.
1. Q-CAP 2 (copper paper oil 600 VDC)
2. Q-CAP 3 (copper paper polypropylene oil 600 VDC)
The capacitors are available with the following values:
0,0075 µF - 0,01 µF - 0,022 µF - 0,033 µF - 0,047 µF - 0,068 µF
0,1 µF - 0,22 µF - 0,33 µF - 0,47 µF - 0,68 µF
1,0 µF - 2,2 µF - 3,3 µF - 4,7 µF - 6,8 µF - 10 µF
Other values on request.
mobile: +49 176 13008812 | landline: +49 911 13017372