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Georg Arsin has always dealt with the theme of music. Already as a student he began to put his music in the world as a DJ. Later he worked as presenter and music editor at Radio, including the WDR and MDR. For over 20 years he developed tube amplifiers and capacitors, initially from private passion, and later professionally. His interest in capacitors arose from his dissatisfaction with the products located at that time in the market. The development and production of a good capacitor is extremely complicated, costly and time-consuming. The exact winding of the capacitor requires a lot of time, the total production time up to two weeks. The perfect execution of a capacitor are the result of many years of development process. The top priority of quality and a highly specialized function, not the subsequent product's marketability. In many developments Georg Arsin´s friend and mentor Alfred Rudolph helped with words and deeds. Most components come from our own production in the company's workshop. Some specific components own production is not possible. Certain materials have to be purchased from suppliers, with only reliable companies of neighboring European countries will be selected. The use of ecologically sound materials is paramount. Therefore often find innovative, atypical for the condensers, materials use. Some materials could - apart from the bad taste - be described as edible. Often, it is important for our customers to find out which capacitor for the most appropriate. Here we are with our decades of experience happy to assist. We manufacture the capacitors now with their own, tailored to our highly specialized needs of machines. So we are able to translate our innovative ideas flexibly and independently. The actual construction of a 4.7 uF capacitor, for example, is about 12-14 working days and requires countless manual steps. Because of the handcrafted workmanship they differ from other capacitors by their unique look. We adjudicate for sound and functionality not design. In contrast, in our tube amplifiers is the design an extremely important aspect. We were very fortunate to be able to win the grand designer Julian Hönig for our design concept. Between its commitment to Audi and Apple, he designed the design of our amplifiers. Honey is known for the design of cars for Will Smith in the movie "I Robot" and now for the design of I-Macs and I-Phones.
In countries without authorized distributor our products can be purchased via our online shop. In countries with authorized distributor please contact the distributor. If the desired product is not in stock there, you can order in our online shop.
And finally, in addition to all the enthusiasm for the perfect sound never forget: The most important thing is the quality of the music!

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